About The Good Index

The Good Index is Australia’s leading retreat guide, Australian owned and operated. The Good Index helps educate visitors on the benefits of retreats and allows them to search, filter, select and make a more informed choice about their next healthy holiday.

One platform with thousands of destinations across Australia to filter through and select the best retreat for you. The Good Index is the only platform you need to find your ideal getaway and read about the benefits of retreats.

Our retreat index is updated regularly so that you have a variety of retreat types to filter through such as mediation, wellbeing, silent, surf, and more. Depending on what you are after you could even filter for day trips or longer periods or a specific location you have always wanted to explore. Learn about the different categories here.

We are showcasing everything you need to reset, put your health first, and deal with the pressures of life – the next step is in your hands.

Inspiring you to take a break with health as your number one priority

Why The Good Index was founded

The Founder began her entrepreneurial journey back in 2018 when she started a business in the mental health and wellbeing space, creating practical and wellness inspired gifts for individuals and businesses. A few year into her business venture she was experiencing a form of burn out (like so many other business owners) so she decided to attend a retreat to help her reset.

It was during the retreat research stage that she began to see a pain point as a consumer to have to scroll through endless google pages, comparing options and calling individual retreats to confirm availability. As every good entrepreneur would think, she said to herself ‘How can I solve this problem for others.’ After attending the retreat and experiencing the physiccal and mental benefits first her hand thought soon became a passion. She shared her experience with others and soon realised that she wasn’t the only one who desired to travel with health as a priority and there really was a lack of resources available to help facilitate this goal.

The Founder believed that what the modern conscious consumer needed was one platform to easily filter and find all retreats and a comprehensive guide to wellness focused destinations…. and so the Good Index was born.

The Good Index team have attended many retreats and still maintains a huge passion to make retreats more accessible. Each member of the team has a unique experience and energy toward the retreat, health and wellness space which makes The Good Index the success that it is.

Since launching in 2020 the journey of retreat discovery is ever evolving, The Good Index team continue to uncover that a health focused break can have a profound impact on both physical and mental health and help people deal with the pressures of work and life.

With your health and individual interests at the core of our mission, we bring to you ‘The Good Index’ – inspiring you to take a break with health as your number one priority.


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