Can I book a retreat via The Good Index?

The aim of the Good Index is to provide you with a guidance on Australia’s best retreats to aid decision making on the right retreat for you. Each retreat listing on The Good Index contains a link to the Retreat’s website so that you can easily make a booking. We are not booking platform but we are here to help streamline the booking process, we recommend that you check all important information on the retreat’s own site prior to booking. At present, retreats cannot be booked directly on The Good Index and all bookings should be made via the Retreat’s own website (linked within their profile). For more Terms & the Conditions view here.

What do the retreat categories stand for?


Offers yoga classes or yoga teacher training


Visited and Verified by The Good Index Team


Targeted at couples rather than solo travelers or groups


Offers beauty treatments, facial, massage and relaxation services


Offers meditation guidance or sessions

Health Professionals

Offers consultations with mental health, professionals, nutritionists, physiotherapists or rehabilitation services

Outdoor Activity

Offers outdoor physical activities such as kayaking, rock climbing or tennis


Run in an ecologically friendly manner with a focus on sustainable practices


Offers surf classes or surf therapy

Physical Conditioning

Offers fitness based coaching or classes such as personal training, strength & conditioning or sport coaching


Offers a specific detox diet i.e. a raw food, juice based diets or weight goal focused meals

Why should I go on a retreat?

From simply carving out time to spend on you (and only you!), taking a break from the pandemonium of daily life, having a dietary or digital detox or gaining access to physical, mental or spiritual health experts, there are endless reasons why a retreat is the perfect getaway. Retreats will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Check out our blog post on ‘8 reasons to go on a retreat’ for a detailed look at the many benefits of a mindful getaway.


How do I find a retreat that’s right for me?

  1. Consider what’s driving you to consider a retreat – is it a desire to spend time in silence and get into nature, to detox and focus on physical wellness or perhaps to hone an existing skill with a yoga or surf retreat? (Hint: Our blog ‘The Good News’ is a great resource to help with this decision making process)
  2. Use our Retreat Index to help refine the available options based on your selections or search with a keyword within our search bar
  3. Review our recommendations on the retreat listings page, dig into the details by checking out photos, reading the retreat summary and The Good Index team reviews.
  4. Decide which best suits your goals and then go ahead and book!


Are retreats safe during Covid 19?

Due to the nature of wellness retreats, they are generally less populated spaces than those we inhabit within our day to day lives (supermarkets/gyms /offices). Fewer public touch points combined with the innate focus on health and wellbeing of most retreats makes them a good choice to destress whilst staying safe during this turbulent time.

In addition to this, our retreat listings have implemented new policies to ensure the wellness of guests and staff, as well as align with government guidelines during this time. These include limiting numbers of guests allowed to visit the retreat at any one time, moving exercise classes outside and/or reducing numbers in any one session, ensuring all staff have face masks for massage treatments and ensuring all common touch points are cleaned multiple times per day by staff.

Please see individual retreat websites to check for their specific Covid policy.


What is The Good News?

The Good Index blog, otherwise known as ‘The Good News’, is packed with informative articles written by our team, retreat partners and wellness industry experts aimed at helping you understand the world of retreats and their benefits. It’s a great resource for helping determine which retreat is right for you, as well as learning more about physical, mental and spiritual health.

You can sign up to The Good News here to receive our latest articles straight to your inbox, plus advance notice of new retreat partnerships.