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    Prana Estate Wellness Retreats All Women, Couples, Meditation, Men & Women, Yoga

    Gloucester, New South Wales
    Starts from $550 per night

    At Prana Estate Wellness Retreats, we believe in curating intentional, self-loving, and healing retreats that cater to everyone. We understand the importance of sisterhood and offer women-only retreats to honour and nurture the sacred bonds that women share. For men, we provide a safe and gentle space where vulnerability is welcomed and pure love is seen and understood. Our open-to-all retreats create a space for individuals and groups to explore their inner worlds and connect with ourselves in a safe and loving environment at Sunquncha Temple.

    Upcoming Retreat Dates: 

    • Release Retreat: June 16th – 18th 2023 (open to all)
    • Reprogram Retreat: August 11th-13th 2023 (men only)
    • Reconnect Retreat: August 18th – 20th 2023 (couples only)
    • Breathe Retreat: October 13th – 15th 2023 (open to all)
    • Rejuvenate Retreat December 1st- 3rd 2023 (women’s only)

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