The Fountain Head Retreat

The Fountain Head Retreat


Product Description


The Fountainhead Retreat first opened its doors in February 2002 as a traditional health retreat, with the focus being on natural health treatments and programs. The retreat now provides custom programs that are based on the most accepted evidence to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and stress. Their approach is all natural and involves Bio (nutrition, exercise, and rest), Psycho (mind) and Social (integration) which is delivered to the client through a mix of one-on-one therapies and group workshops.

Palladium Private is the name of the customized programs that always commence with a residential stay at The Fountainhead Retreat, with the balance of the program continuing when the client returns home. The residential portion of the program allows the client to unravel free from all the triggers of their environment and daily life as well as allows for Fountainhead staff to work intensively on the client, which with commitment from the client, will result in a new mindset and a new path to a quality life.

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