Goodsky Mental Health Retreat

Goodsky Mental Health Retreat


Product Description

The Goodsky Mental Health Retreat located close to Marcoola Beach on the Sunshine Coast supports and treats those suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety. At the Goodsky Mental Health Retreat, the private treatment team goes beneath the signs and symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety and focuses treatment on the root cause – an approach that is summed up in their ethos of “instead of treating what it is, we look for why it is”. Within their treatment, the Goodsky team identify physical factors such as gut microbiome diversity and health, chronic infection and inflammation, hormones and epigenetics, nutrition, quality of sleep and movement and pain and physical tension, as well as long-term stress, adverse childhood events, unresolved trauma, lack of connection and self-worth/self-esteem, to create a holistic treatment plan.

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