Maiaveda Retreat

Maiaveda Retreat


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Awaken your deep wisdom, and align to vibrant wellness, in this sacred gathering of hearts. Embody Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom, leave feel Empowered, Embrace vitality (Women’s Only) Retreat. A luxury escape to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. 3.00pm FRIDAY 10 SEPTEMBER to 3.00pm SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER 2021 Two nights’ accommodation at the beautiful Lawson Lodge Country Estate, Macedon, Victoria – the space being held with love and compassion by our founder of Maiaveda, Marye O’Brien. Together, we’ll learn to embody the secrets of this Ayurveda so that you can experience success in all its forms—not just vitality of the body, but love in the mind, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional stability and enthusiasm for life. Give yourself permission to honour and celebrate you.


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