Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat


Product Description

Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat was born in 2006 and has grown, developed and blossomed to become a beacon of light for those searching for health, balance, inner peace and a deeper meaning to the journey of life. They advocate a contemporary and modern approach to the spiritual journey that is relevant for the 21st century.

The team understand that many different approaches can be taken to increase your well-being and accelerate your evolution. For this reason they offer a holistic approach combining yoga, meditation, deep relaxation and the energising of the 7 chakras, in addition to astrology, diet, Ayurveda, music, life coaching and Tantra. Their teaching format comprises a multitude of various yoga workshops, Tantra workshops, yoga retreats, personal development workshops, meditation courses, yoga classes, personal coaching and mentoring sessions as well as online offerings.

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