Mount Hotham Retreat

Mount Hotham Retreat


Product Description

If you’re looking for adventure, a taste of the wild and the chance to go beyond what you thought possible, then join us as to the mountains we go. Hike snow covered trails, take in the awe inspiring views, swim in ice cold lakes and learn how to be with your breath, yourself and each other in nature. Out in this beautiful frozen landscape, go beyond your comfort zone and find community, camaraderie and serenity along the way. Let yourself be guided through the breathwork sessions, along the mountain trails, into the crystal clear waters and closer to who you really are, knowing you will return home with a fresh perspective, a deeper sense of self and that call to the wild answered on every level.

We will be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

To help you make this your own journey.

To allow you the space and provide you with the tools to tap into your inner superhuman.

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

  • 2023 Dates Coming Soon

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