Mana Yoga Retreats – Byron Bay

Mana Yoga Retreats – Byron Bay


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Take a moment to pause and reconnect. Surround yourself with nature, yoga, ocean swims, nature walks, divine food and great people. This retreat is the laid back escape you need. Lay by the heated pool. Relax in the sauna. Read a book or have a nap. Spend more time in savasana. Sure, have a wine with dinner… life is about balance after all. Smile more often here. Reignite the burning flame that lives inside you. You’ll feel strong, healthy, and rejuvenated after a long weekend at our beachside retreat.

Upcoming Retreat Dates:

  • Byron Bay Beachfront Yoga Retreat
    • August 23rd- 26th 2023
    • October 25th – 28th 2023
    • November 16th – 19th 2023
    • March 28th – 31st 2024
    • October 24th – 27th 2024
  • Byron Bay Hinterland  Yoga Retreat
    • July 20th – 23rd 2023
    • November 16th – November 19th 2023

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