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Willow Urban Retreat is a Melbourne day spa that focuses on providing an oasis for the everyday individual to escape, retreat, revitalise and take a moment to just breathe. It began with a vision that there could be a place for people to find themselves in the midst of mayhem and provides a 360° approach to wellness, focusing on promoting and educating physical, nutritional, mental and social wellbeing. They meld Eastern and Western philosophies to personalise experiences and guide guests on their wellness journey.

Gifted with a team of holistic health experts, influential specialists and outstanding spa therapists, Willow live and breathe wellness and clean living.
The spa is fitted with purified air systems, non-toxic and ethically sourced building materials, and a crystal grid intuitively nestled into its foundations. Every detail has been considered so once you come off the street, you won’t know you’re in the city. Their spa therapy collection and wellness consultations are designed with a focus on integrated health principles to help you live into your ideals of balance, elegance, harmony and refined urban wellbeing. The Subtle Energies skin care range is Australian made, ethically sourced and created with intent to address multiple skin
and body concerns, while nourishing the skin through potent active ingredients—ultimately empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The wholefoods café on site provides a light-filled space that brings together the local community to share nutritious food and exceptional coffee. The menu has been designed with the guidance of their resident naturopath and nutritionist, with a view to providing you with meals comprising fresh, seasonal and nutrient-dense food that support greater health and wellbeing.

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